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What is KNCF?
Korea Nurses Christian Fellowship was founded in 1967 for the purpose of applying Biblical principles in nursing and on nurses' lives through evangelism, discipleship, and missions.

To become a community that

1. Confesses Jesus Christ as Lord in all areas of life.
2. Nurtures leadership based on Christian Worldview.
3. Develops Biblical perspectives in nursing practice, research and education.
4. Spreads the gospel through nursing to all nations.


Core Value

Spiritual Shelter
Group Activity





1. Member care ministry
 1) Students
 2) Registered Nurses
 3) Educators
 4) Retired RN & Educators
 5) Missionaries (108 Koreans)

2. Online ministry (Homepage, SNS, Webzine)

3. Publication ministry (Newsletter, Books on Christian nursing)
 1) Newsletter
 2) Books

4. Missions (in Korea & abroad)
 1) In Korea
 2) Abroad

5. Cooperating with other organizations
We have active or passive links with the following organizations:
- Nurses Christian Fellowship International
- Korea Christian Medical Evangelical Association

1) Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI)
Nurses Christian Fellowship International is a world-wide Christian nurses organization that seeks to help apply Biblical principles to various nurse settings (educational, research, and clinical) through various educational development programs and research, leadership training and small groups. We have an international conference every four years. We are having our next conference on July 2020 in Colorado Christian University, USA. (Please contact KNCF to register kncf@unitel.co.kr)Also, NCFI is divided into six regions (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and the Pacific-East Asia region (PACEA). Korea is a member country of the PACEA region. Every four years a regional conference is held. We recently had a conference in Taiwan, June 2018.In 1988 Korea Nurses Christian Fellowship formally became a member country of NCFI. Now the assistant chair of KNCF board, Lee Won-Hee (professor at Yonsei University Nursing College) is on the Executive Board of NCFI; and Lee Hye-Sook, Director of KNCF, is one of the committee for PACEA.
2004 July 4-9 the 16th quadrennial NCFI Conference will be hosted by KNCF. We hope that this conference will be pleasing to God and that it will help many grow in their concern for world mission.

- We are involved in NCFI global and regional conferences.
- We receive the NCFI newsletter and prayer letter.
- We support NCFI and PACEA financially.

Prayer points
* That KNCF continues to have a good relationship with NCFI and PACEA. That we may cooperate effectively for His Kingdom.
* That the KNCF Board and the next generation may understand NCFI more and be involved in various NCFI activites.
* That many Korean Christian leaders, especially the next generation may participate in the 2020 NCFI conference and find their vision through the global spiritual network. That our members could do presentations in the conference about cases of integrating faith and nursing. That they may have opportunities to observe nursing schools, hospitals and experience new culture in the US.

2) Korea Christian Medical Evangelical Association
Korea Christian Medical Evangelical Association is a network of Christian doctors, dentists, Korean medicine doctors, nurses, paramedical staff, and pharmacists who participate in medical missions. It has 79 organizations including medical mission groups from Churches. We have a national conference every two years. Around 1500 people gather to network with each other and share resources. There are tracks for each of the sectors and KNCF organizes the Nursing Track. We organize the lectures and activities in the track and support 50% of plane costs for nurse missionaries.
- We are part of the association Board.
- We receive the association's newsletter.
- We support this association financially.

Prayer points
* That KNCF continues to have a good relationship with the association. That we may cooperate effectively for His Kingdom.
* That KNCF members may participate in this association, especially for the mission conference.
* The mission conference in August 2019 will be held in Incheon. That the KNCF branch in Incheon may organize this well and that the next generation may be actively involved in this. That we may prepare the Nursing Track well so that it mobilizes the nurses to become part of missions by being missionaries or sending missionaries.
* That the alumni could support funds for the nurse missionaries and that we may find Christian alumni through this process. That we can network and serve together. That mission supporting groups may be created by the alumni.

6. KNCF Headquarters
Our ministry is focused on nurturing Christian nurses (students, clinical, educators, retired, missionaries) to live a Christian life in their field. It is for them to not just try to survive but take on God's calling in their workplace. Also that they may share the gospel to other nurses and patients. Nurses have difficulties in living out their faith while working in a tense hospital and education environment. It is especially hard for new nurses and new educators. We help them to grow faith and integrate it with nursing through appropriate programs and wholistic care.

Pray points

* That KNCF becomes a platform for nurses to cooperate in the goal of spreading the gospel to all nations through nursing.
* That the Holy spirit may dwell in the nurses' hearts so they may do the work well.
* That we may introduce this ministry to many nurses. That God may send us people who can commit their lives in this vision.
* That we may bear abundant fruit and help revive the Korean Church and the Kingdom of God.
* For the KNCF president and board members. May God help them balance their jobs and KNCF ministry. That they have a good Christian influence in their daily lives. That they may commit their time, prayer, and finances to KNCF. That they may nurture the next generation and pass on their roles well.
* That God bless Hyesook, the Director, and EunKoung, our part time secretary. That He gives them wisdom, harmony, health, strength and that the Holy Spirit leads them in doing the Lord's ministry.
* That God provides KNCF with enough finances.
* That the Lord provides us faithful next generation staff workers.